Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dirty Pretty Things Review

Dirty Pretty Things is another movie about the complications surrounding organ donations. In 250 words describe your reactions to this new type of donation - where the donors are not clones but instead human beings as we are used to conceiving them.


  1. To start I would like to start off by saying the plot of this movie was a little confusing at times. Once you knew what they were talking about it was a good movie. The middle and end of the movie was a little gross at some times with taking out the kidneys and just cutting out the body. It was sad because of the situation they were put into when the police would try to find the woman and the workers would have to run when they yelled police are coming. It was also sad throughout the movie because there are guys out there that will make woman do that to them in order for them to get something that they need. Its very disturbing because the woman need what the guys have and they will do anything to get it. In this movie the woman needed to go to New York so she did anything she had to in order to get it. The ending was both sad and happy at the same time. It was awesome that she got to go to New York to be with her cousin. It was always happy that he called his son and got to talk to her and he is going to see her soon. The thing that was sad when they both said “I love you” to each other right when she was leaving. I didn’t want them to leave each other because they were cute for one another.
    Kaitie Witte

  2. In the book Never Let Me Go, the students of Hailsham and all clones have no choice to donate their organs. They have their lives completely planned out for them to eventually be carers and then donate. Dirty Little Things has a very interesting plot, however. In Dirty Little Things, people sort of voluntarily donate their organs. Illegal immigrants in a hotel donate them to receive passports to be able to leave the country and usually better their lives. My reaction to this whole situation is I still think it is unethical to be using these people so the owner of the hotel is making money. He took advantage of the girl and talked her into donating her kidney to receive a passport in return. I don’t think that they should ever be allowed to do these acts; the owner knows how vulnerable these people are who want to leave the country and get away from the government always down their back. The doctor, the main character in the movie, did the right thing when he told the owner no. It was wrong to be exchanging people’s organ for money and something that they have the right for anyways. Never is organ donating okay when the patient is being talked into it and especially when they are already vulnerable. The owner was not doing it for the sake of helping others. He was doing it for himself and that is why the doctor needed to surgically remove the owner’s kidney to give to the guy who was buying it so they would receive their money. So, on that note, I believe organ donating in this situation is also very unethical as well as the organ donating in Hailsham.

  3. A lot of things happen in the movie “Dirty Pretty Things” that are illegal that I do not like. I did not like that the hotel owner was buying organs from illegal immigrants to give them a fake passports. He was even the one doing the operation on the people himself. I did not like how the owner of the hotel wants the Nigerian immigrant to operate on these people just so he could get money for the organs. In the end the Nigerian and his friends do get revenge on the hotel owner by donating his own organ. I know they were getting revenge on him because of all the bad things he has done on other people, I just don’t think they should have done it illegally. They did kind of do it for the right reason but it still was wrong. They do get to leave London, with their fake passports, to get out of trouble and to stay out of trouble. They are doing this illegally, but they are leaving to become legal somewhere else.
    In the end, I really did not like this movie. Those types of movies I do not like to watch because they involve lying about yourself and to other people. I do not like things that hurt other people in the long run. The only part I did like was at the end where the Nigerian called his daughter and said that he was coming home finally. I thought it was good that he was going home to see his seven year old daughter again.
    Allison Scheer

  4. In both "Dirty Pretty Things" and "Never Let Me Go" they use people to donate body parts. In one they have the choice to and in the other they are made to. I did not really like "Dirty Pretty Things" because he made money by taking peoples organs which is weird. In Hailsman the children already knew what was going to happen because thats what they are made to do, they know nothing else. But making illegal money and doing illegal things by selling your organs is not ok. Overall i think both of the movies were weird.
    Ms. Isom
    Coryn K