Monday, September 24, 2012

Establish and explore three substantial thematic connections between Before the Fall and Never Let Me Go. (minimum length: 250 words)


  1. “Before the Fall”
    This movie was about a boy who loved to box. He was very good at boxing too. He had just graduated from school and he was going to work for his family so is family could keep surviving. The first match in the movie he boxes and boxes very well. A German commander comes down and congratulates him. He tells him that he should come to a school that he could box at and get paid for it after he graduates. He is very excited about it.
    The next day he goes to the training school, where he meets the German commander to train with him. This way he knows how good in shape he is in. It turns out that the commander really wants him to come to the school.
    That night when he goes home he tells his family and his father forbids him to go. He is to go to work at the end of that month. That night he leaves a note telling his mother not to be mad at him and he also leaves his father a note telling him that he forgings his signature for him to go to the school. He then leaves and hitch-hicks to the school
    While at school they go through training and classes. He boxes with his coach and he has is first match and wins. The coach tells him that he can win the cup for the school that year. This makes him happy and makes him work even harder.
    He becomes very close to the governors son and they become very good friends. This movie happens during the war and one night some Russians are threating German lands, they ask the cadets to go out in the woods to find them and kill them. They go out in their groups and it ends up the he and the governors’ son kill the Russians, but they find out that they are children and unarmed. The governor son tries to save one but his father kills the Russian boy.
    One winter morning they have to swim under the ice in the lake to the other hole in the ice. He goes and makes it just fine. The governor son drowns himself. They end up blaming him for the governor son’s death because he did not try to save him. The only way to get his redemption back is if he wins the cup boxing tournament. He has a good fight but in the end he gives if up and losses. For doing this he gets kicked out to the school. We find out latter that they send many more of the boys to war and many of them die because they were not well enough prepared.
    This movie was okay. It’s not one that you would want to watch over and over, I think anyway. They had all these boys in this school to prepare them for war but they were not very well prepared in the end. What was good about it was the main character did stand up for what he believed in but he made some bad choice in between.
    -Allison Scheer

  2. Between the stories of Never Let me Go and Before the Fall, there are many similar themes between the two stories. First off, the main characters in both stories share similar personal qualities. They both show responsibility and determination. They both are mature even though the main character in the movie ran away without permission. When they were both doing what the story had them do they showed they could handle the pressure and succeed at them. A second theme shared between these stories, is the over all perspective of how people are treated. With the novel the characters were held in a house full of clones, and the movie was held in a basic boot camp. They both were treated in a way that made their responsibilities grow even stronger because they were not babied by parents. Not only did the different settings of the stories take on a major role of the book they also allowed the characters to grown in such a way that made them become adults. The way they were treated in both places were similar but different. Neither one of the stories the main characters new what they were getting themselves into. In the movie, however the main character knew he wanted to be a part of this new experiment. The characters in the book did not know anything different.
    -Emily Vile