Tuesday, September 4, 2012

From Page to Screen

In a June 2011 interview with Ed Whitfield, editor of The Ooh Tray, Ishiguro says that even he “discovered new things about [the novel’s] characters” from watching the film of Never Let Me Go.  As the role is played by Keira Knightley, for instance, Ishiguro found Ruth more “desperately lonely” and “absolutely terrified of being left alone” than he himself recognized in writing the novel. 

So what did you learn about Never Let Me Go from seeing the film?  Your answer should take the form of a comparison, first explaining what you understood from the novel and then explaining how the film made you consider it differently.  The “it” can be anything—not necessarily a character but perhaps a relationship, a concept, a setting, a moment, an object. . . . Whatever “it” is, help us understand how the film offers a new perspective on it.


  1. I thought the movie showed how much Ruth was scared of being alone. The movie also showed a greater bond between tommy and kathy. At the end when Ruth was at the beach and told Tommy and Kathy she was sorry it seemed more meaningful in the movie. You saw how helpless Ruth was from her donation and in front of Tommy and Kathy. The movie also showed a greater bond between Kathy and Tommy when Tommy gave her the tape instead of her buying it herself. It was also sad finding out in the end that couples had no chance of spending longer time together. I liked that the teachers were trying to actually help the children by taking things from the gallery. Overall i liked watching the movie better then reading the book!
    Coryn k.

  2. In the movie, I noticed how Kathy was jealous for Tommy. In the book, I did not notice that. I always thought that Kathy just cared about Tommy and looked out for him because of his past with temper tantrums and being bullied. I viewed their relationship kind of like Forest Gump and Jenny's. I also thought that Kathy didn't realized she loved Tommy until later in the story. When Kathy would ask Ruth why she did certain things to Tommy, I thought Ruth just annoyed her when she would copy things from other people and from the television. However, in the movie, their relationship was portrayed much differently. She liked Tommy more than just looking after him throoughout the whole story. She would smile at him when he wanted to be with her and she would always look at Ruth and Tommy with jealously. Ruth would bother her a lot over stuff about Tommy. In the book, I didn't see that at all.